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WHY ARE WE CALLED "Just Dont Send Flowers"?
In April of 2014, an amazing friend, Angie St. Gelais was hospitalized suddenly and diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. As many of us do, I immediately turned to the internet to order flowers. I was told by friends in the CCU with Angie "Just Don't Send Flowers". I began researching and discovered that many cancer patients are very sensitive to chemicals and fragrances... and they don't really want candies/chocolates and other items routinely included in gift baskets. However, most gift-givers want to send something beautiful that conveys the right sentiment to the patient whether they're sending a cancer gift or a get-well gift. Sadly, Angie St. Gelais succumbed to cancer within a few short days of hospitalization and left behind her wonderful family and four young and amazing children.

"When I called the CCU to see what I could do, they said Just Don't Send Flowers "...



A work colleague recently learned her leukemia returned, and is undergoing intensive chemotherapy. I called the hospital and they informed me she couldn't receive flowers. After researching numerous sites for gift options I came across your website and ordered The Big Queasy. She loved the "basket" and commented on how appropriate the gifts were for someone going through chemo.

At the same time, I looked through the other types of baskets you have, and selected the Spa Day Getaway Gift Box for my home-bound mother who suffers with advanced Parkinson's. She loved the variety of goodies in the box and couldn't say enough good things about it.

Finally, a close friend just learned she has to go through 16 weeks of chemo because of breast cancer. It has all come about very suddenly and is a shock for all of us. I have ordered the She She Fa Fa Big Queasy and am so glad I can take her something that will be useful to her during such a tough time.

As much as I wish none of my friends would have to battle cancer and have to go through chemo, I'm thankful for your website where I can find gifts that are appropriate and practical and help me contribute to their comfort in at least a small way.




We love flowers but flowers aren't always best for the patient. We provide the best Cancer Gifts & Get Well Gifts for Cancer and Chemo Patients,, Radiation Patients & Hospital Patients. We offer a wide variety of items for you to select the perfect get well gift instead of flowers. We understand that cancer is serious and can be frightening. Cancer patients need comfort and possibly a little humor to help them through these hard days. We offer the best cancer & chemo gifts, cancer care packages, get well gifts, post-op / surgery gifts and anytime gifts for men, women and children. We use beautiful tote bags and duffle bags in our gift baskets so the patient can utilize the bag during treatment or even the ride home. We also realize that companies and corporations send gifts as groups so we are happy to offer get well gifts to the business colleague or coworker gifts. We carry well known skincare brands such as Lindi Skincare, Aveeno Products, Burt's Bees Products and many other natural items.