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Send a helpful Get Well Gift or Build Your Own Customized Cancer Gift Basket for the perfect gift. Get Well Gifts for cancer patients, hospital, rehabilitation, surgery or someone going through chemo.

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Just Dont Send Flowers We care about your friends and loved ones and we want to enable you to offer the best get well gifts for cancer patients, hospital patients or someone recovering from illness. We strive to provide helpful & thoughtful gifts to someone in the hospital or convalescing at home. Beautiful tote bags with inspirational and fun slogans are much more useful than flowers. Customize your own chemo bag or get well duffle bag and fill it with items that they'll need for their recovery. We also take the guesswork out when you don't know what to send to someone with cancer. You can call us for help - that's what we do.

What Are The Best Gifts For A Cancer Patient?
Newly diagnosed cancer patients often enjoy comfort items depending on their treatment plan. Our chemo bags focus on helpful items that help with nausea and comfort while our radiation gifts focus on sensitive skincare. Many chemo patients become sensitive to fragrances, odors and chemicals during treatment - which is why you Just Dont Send Flowers. Radiation patients also have sensitive skin due to radiation burns that can compromise skin. We have helpful gifts packed in beautiful tote bags, duffle bags and breakfast trays to help make things a little easier. Did you know many newly diagnosed cancer patients are not yet ready to sport cancer awareness ribbons? We are sensitive to patients during this treatment phase and want them to focus on their comfort first but we do offer colors that subtly coordinate with their cancer awareness colors. We also offer get well gift baskets for kids, women and men that provide entertainment and activities as well as comfort...maybe a giggle as well.