Top 5 Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

Our company name Just Dont Send Flowers comes from personal experiences of being touched by someone with cancer. Since cancer treatments can cause patients to become extremely sensitive to flowers, fragrances and skin products - we offer beautiful alternatives. We all want to help in some way when someone is battling for their life - so whether it be through helpful gifts, compassion, inspiration or humor - we have the perfect gift for you to send to your loved one.

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1. Inspirational Gift Totes for Radiation & Chemotherapy Patients

Chemo and Radiation Gifts

Our totes are featured in "Cancer Be Glammed" Top Gifts for 2017 featuring Lindi Skincare Products for compromised skin during radiation treatment.

2. Cancer Care Packages for Men - Messenger Bags

Chemo Gifts for Men

Rather than send a less than useful basket - make this gift count with a masculine messenger bag filled with helpful items for nausea, a cozy blanket, skincare and tons of other items that he will use during treatment and afterwards as well.

3. The Big Queasy Cancer Care Package for WomenCancer Care Package for Women

Our best selling chemo comfort kit has beauty and functionality galore. 13 items fill this gorgeous tote bag and our optional Saint G Chemo Beanie completes the set for a gift that feels like her birthday everyday.

4. You Got This Gym Bag for MenCancer Care Package for Men Gym Bags

He will love this gift because of it's inspiration and use. Cancer Patients go on lots of doctor's appointments, therefore, bags are super useful to carry items for long days. All of our slogans are available on any of our solid gym or tote bags so choose the slogan that represents the man he is.

5. The Perfect Something for Men and Women

Cancer Gifts for Adults
We offer many price ranges for gifts whether you have a large collection from coworkers or a modest budget from yourself. This powerful gift provides nausea relief, skincare and warmth all inside a helpful tote bag that is ideal for chemo and/or radiation treatment.

Don't forget about the Children Fighting Cancer!

Kids just want to be kids - even if they are sick. We offer great cancer gifts for children, too!
Cancer Gifts for KidsGifts for Children with Cancer