Brush Lettering Workbook & Pen Set

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A Great Gift For Patient or Caregiver To Entertain Themselves and Learn a New Skill.

Learn and practice new brush lettering styles with this workbook for letterers of any experience level!

  • 9 alphabets: 3 for large brush pen and 6 for small brush pen.
  • Ultra-smooth paper for crisp lines with no ink bleed or damage to brush tips.
  • Script and print styles.
  • Color-coded strokes show you where to use lighter and heavier pen pressure. Numbered steps guide you through each letter. Trace the grayed-out letters, then draw them yourself in the practice space. Extra traceable words and phrases let you practice joining letters and combining

TWO Brush Lettering / Caligraphy Pens Included

  • Contains both the soft and hard tip Fudenosuke brush pens
  • Features a flexible brush tip for different lettering and drawing techniques
  • Create extra-fine, fine or medium strokes by a change in brush pressure