Inner Fu*king Peace Adult Journal

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 Time for some inner peace? F*ck yeah! Stop trying so hard, and be the badass yogi that you are. Cut loose that little trail of bullshit following you around, shouldering all over you.

Grab this irreverent journal and follow its madcap prompts all the way to enlightenment, or something like that.

It's funny! It's brazen!

It's a creative mandate to knock yourself upside the head and recognize the power you've had all along.

  • Sturdy hardcover binding.
  • Colorful interior design.
  • Journal comes with an inside back cover pocket to hold notes and mementos.
  • A matching elastic band closure keeps it all together.
  • Journal measures a compact 5'' wide x 7'' high -- fits easily in most bags and backpacks.
  • 144 pages.
  • Mature content