Votive Candle Set of 3 Boxed Fragranced Candles

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Set of 3 - Boxed Votive Candles in Glass - Mixed Scents - This is a set of three different scented Votive Candles in 3" glass containers.

This boxed set of Votive Candles come nicely packaged and includes 1 each of Lavender, Vanilla and Mandarin that would make a wonderful gift. They will liquefy when burned so they must be placed on a protected surface.  These "Spa quality" candles are 100% natural Soy wax that is a renewable resource and has no organic dyes. The wicks are natural cotton with no metal or chemical additives. Aromatherapy is not meant to fragrance your home and the essential oils are light and help to modify your mind and body in positive ways.  

The fragrant, cleansing, and soothing energy of Lavender has been used by people of many early civilizations. In our era, Lavender is known for its gentle and calming influence. It aids in reducing stress, relaxes the body into a more peaceful state, and gently comforts the spirit. For those looking for spiritual fulfillment Lavender can deepen spiritual experiences. When used in candles Lavender brings a restful vibration to a room. If lit in a room before sleeping it can fill the atmosphere with a tranquil feeling. During meditation and energy work it relaxes the mind and body to allow for healing on many different levels. For crystal grid work, Lavender can be used as the center of a grid surrounded by Amethyst with the intention of increasing spiritual connections, bringing in the purple healing ray of energy, or calming and soothing a person or space.  

Vanilla is most frequently associated with the scent of taste and the sweet smell can bring wonderful memories of baked goods. What is less realized is that this association with foods we enjoy and loving memories means vanilla is connected to our heart, throat, and crown chakras. The smell of Vanilla can remind you of the love in those experiences and open you up to seeing love and beauty in the world around you. It is one of the few scents that bring about the magic of love in its numerous forms, from childhood memories to romantic relationships.  

Mandarin is known for calming the digestive system. In addition, this oil is a mild sedative and is especially useful in calming overactive children and sparking creativity from within. It can also be used as a skin toner to reduce acne and oily skin, but also to heal damaged skin and even help with stretch marks by promoting the growth of new cells. Mandarin is also beneficial to the liver. Burning a candle with Mandarin can bring a calming atmosphere to the room. It is especially useful during times of high-stress to bring a relaxed state of mind and calm the emotions. Mandarin fills a space with happiness and joy as it pushes stress and negativity away. The sweet and flowery citrus scent is great for use with children and relieving anxiety.  

Do not leave candle unattended. Must place candle on a heatproof surface.

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Sharon Huff on Nov 24th 2020

    Felt relaxed by the nature scents

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    Posted by Jocelyn Gaskins on May 16th 2019

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