Gifts For Cancer Patients & Get Well Gifts 
Send a helpful Get Well Gift or Build Your Own Customized Gifts For Cancer Patients for the perfect gift.  Just Dont Send Flowers offers the best and most helpful get well gifts.Did you know that many hospitals and medical facilities do not allow flowers? Additionally, many chemo patients are sensitive to flowers, perfumes, scents and chemicals so it's best to find another get well gift that doesn't cause problems.We also offer cancer gifts to help provide comfort to cancer patients depending on their course of treatment. Our chemo care packages focus on providing comfort for nausea sometimes causes by chemo. Our radiation care packages focus on skincare since radiation can burn the skin. You should avoid chemicals, perfumes and flowers during chemo.Someone recuperating from surgery or perhaps going through rehab may get bored and need stimuli to aid in the healing process. We offer games, activities, puzzle books and more to make their rehabilitation a little less boring. Don't forget a cozy robe, socks, blanket or luxurious pashmina scarf.