Just Dont Send Flowers

Just Dont Send Flowers offers thoughtful and unique care packages for cancer patients, surgery recovery, and other challenging times. Browse our selection of non-flower gifts and practical items to show your support for their recovery. Next-day delivery available

Can Cancer Patients Have Flowers?

Many people undergoing chemotherapy treatment may develop olfactory or taste/smell changes. Chemo can kill or slow the growth of cancer cells but may also damage healthy cells such as taste buds. Radiation to the head or neck area can also damage taste buds and salivary glands. The smell of flowers, perfumes and foods can become very unpleasant during this time. Additionally, plants and flowers can contain fungal spores that can compromise patients and increase their risk for infection — especially when the patient may need blood and marrow transplant. Although flowers are very well-intentioned, the wilting and dying of plants and flowers can induce emotional distress. To minimize the risks of infection or other health concerns, some hospitals and cancer treatment centers may have restrictions on the types of flowers and plants that can be brought into patient rooms. We recommend choosing non-flower gifts and practical items that can be used during treatment. Our gifts for cancer patients take the guesswork out of the gift giving experience.


Just Dont Send Flowers is dedicated to all of our family and friends who have battled cancer. In April of 2014, a dear friend, Angie St. Gelais was hospitalized suddenly and diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. As many of us do, I immediately turned to the internet to order flowers. I was told by friends in the CCU with Angie "Just Don't Send Flowers". I began researching and discovered that many cancer patients are very sensitive to flowers, fragrances and chemicals... and they don't really want candies/chocolates and other items routinely included in gift baskets due to the nausea often caused by chemotherapy treatment. However, most gift-givers want to send something beautiful that conveys the right sentiment to the patient. From the natural and nourishing skin products, to the useful tote/duffle bags to the jewelry and beautiful empathy cards (designed by a cancer survivor herself) - we hope to help you give the perfect gift, beautifully gift packaged and delivered with care.