What is a good gift for cancer patients?

What is a good gift for cancer patients?

When someone is first diagnosed with cancer, the last thing they are worried about is a cancer awareness ribbon. The first thing is generally "Am I going to die?". Next is usually "When can I start treatment?". 

Family, friends, coworkers and neighbors all want to find some way to help someone fighting cancer but often do not know what to do.  

1. Be supportive - but don't try to give unnecessary advice and tell a story about your cousin's ex-husband who died 16 years ago... - you get the point, right?

2. Empathize with the cancer patient or family. For example,  "I can only imagine how scary and tough this is for you. I'm here for you with anything you need."

3. Cancer care packages and gifts are best suited to the type of cancer treatment - whether it be chemotherapy or radiation, immunotherapy or a combination of these treatments.  Chemo can typically cause nausea, so focus on a chemo care package with gentle and naturally soothing items such as peppermint or ginger tea, queasy drops made of natural essential oils and even ginger snap wafers that help calm nausea. Radiation treatment can cause skin irritation. Radiation gifts with Lindiskin products are soothing to compromised skin burns and help provide non-irritating moisture to the treated areas of the skin.

4.  A good gift for cancer patient does not have to be expensive. A great idea is to find several different greeting cards and send one every couple of weeks or so just to let the patient know you are thinking of them.

5. Inspirational gifts with positive attitudes are always appreciated. No one wants a gloomy gift or something like flowers that will die.  Send a gift that resonates with your relationship, friendship or good times that you have shared and always with a positive outlook. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. 

Stay tuned to our blog more tips and helpful ideas for what to do for a cancer patient.

May 10, 2023 JDSF

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