Cancer Messed With The Wrong Kid Gift

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  • Cancer Messed With The Wrong Kid Care Package
  • Cancer Messed With The Wrong Kid Gift
  • Cancer Messed With The Wrong Kid Gift


Cancer Gift For Kids

Having Cancer is no fun but kids want to be kids and still have fun. We have assembled a fun care package full of kid friendly games, animal crackers and queasy lollipops that doesn't feel like a cancer gift because it's for kids.

  • Canvas String Back Pack - Cancer Messed With The WRONG Kid in white lettering
    • Appx 18 x 12 
  • Cra-Z-Art Magnadoodle Mini Doodler Magnetic Drawing Board
    • 6.88 x 0.68 x 6.75 inches
  • 6 Pack of Modeling Clay
  • Uno Card Game
  • Nabisco Animal Crackers
  • Modeling Dough 
  • Koosh Ball - Soft for tossing or stress relief
  • Stuffed Animal - Choice of T-Rex Dinosaur or Unicorn (colors may vary)
  • Queasy Pops by Three Lollies - candy for nausea  
  • Choice of One Kids Grab & Go Game
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